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Bill's Crystal Collection: Ancient Lemurian Seed Crystal #1

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Ancient Lemurian Seed Crystal, Clear Quartz (#Lem359)
  All Lemurian Seed Crystals possess knowledge from previous, spiritually-advanced civilizations. They have within them the stored code and frequency of collective, high-vibration history. Lemurians call out and devote themselves to those individuals who are being called to bring new being-ness to the planet; spiritual application in the world of form.

This Lemurian Seed Crystal serves as a ladder for heightened awareness and evolution to ascension. Each veil is a rung, representing a higher and higher dimension. At the top is the pinnacle; the etheric realm of infinity and unlimited source. You will be called to this stone if you are ready to train and progress upward in spiritual movement.

Sizing: 10-1/4 in. X 2 in.
USD $890
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