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Crystal Wings is in transition. After a quarter century serving our loyal customers from the same location, we have lost our lease and our physical store is closing. We are looking for a good locale where we can pick up where we left off, and will keep everyone apprised of our plans. We will be closing on the 4th of July and will have wonderful discounts ongoing until then.
But Crystal Wings is still ongoing, and is working on a modern, safe and secure shopping cart for online purchases. Bill looks forward to serving you and sharing the beauty of his crystals.


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About Crystal Wings: Dr. Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D.

Barbara LaRoccaDr. Barbara LaRocca, Psy.D. has been working in the field of life stress counseling for 31 years. She is a certified hypnotherapist and a doctor of clinical psychology, as well as a shamanic practitioner and healer.

Drawn to spiritual disciplines in the early 1970's, Barbara studied with Claudio Naranjo (including Buddhism, Sufism, Gestalt, etc), the Sufi Order, the school of Gurdjieff, Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, core shamanism with Michael Harner, and, more recently Hawaiian and Tibetan Shamanism , channeling, energy healing, and crystal healing techniques.

In the late 1990's, she was introduced to Crystal Wings and the Vogel Healing method. Using the crystals at Crystal Wings in Mt. Shasta she learned the techniques of Marcel Vogel and from her own channeling on the Master Healing crystals. Now, she has developed her own form of Crystal Healing.

In the last three years, she has made multiple visits to the Casa of Dom Ignacio in Brazil where Joao de Deus does his miracles. She leads groups to receive healing there.

She is known as a multi-dimensional intuitive which includes medical intuition, the ability to detect and remove entities and negative influences, and the ability to gather and use multi-level clairvoyant information. The intuitive information she receives is thorough, clear and immediately useable. The healing work can clear issues from many lifetimes.

Her work in the healing arts has developed into The Path of Light Initiation, a comprehensive program that leads you to personal empowerment, God consciousness, and realization of goals. It combines many healing modalities and uses a combination of shamanism, crystal healing, sound healing, and work with guides, angels, the Ascended Masters, Merlin, and others. She also does one to one sessions and tailors the sessions to meet your individual needs. All of her work is grounded in practical application.

I will use Spirit's guidance to tailor the work to meet your needs.
~In person or by telephone~
Path of Light Initiation
Transdimensional Work

    One hour session
    One or two day Intensives
    Crystal Healing
    Lemurian Healing
    Atlantian Healing
    Assistance working with crystals
    Use of Master Healing Crystals

Life Stress Counseling
    Series of 3 sessions

Shamanic Work
    Soul Retrieval
    Power Animals
    Removal of entities or devices
    De-creating problems
    Uncover true issues
    Balance of energy
    Using Helpers to accomplish cleaning,
    Protecting and obtain goals

Distant Healing
    One hour sessions
    Ongoing Treatments

Past Life Readings
    Soul Contract Reading
    Soul Mission

Atlantian Illumination
    Healing Techniques
    Past Life Information

Call Barbara at 510-658-4337 or email,, for appointments, new schedules, or to sponsor a seminar.

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