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Article Index: The Power of The Angel 2 Cut & The Angelic Realm

What is the Significance of the Angel 2 Cut?

By Bill Hurley

A common question with the Master Healing Tools that we provide is, What is the Angel 2 Cut, and how is it different from other wands?

First of all, the Angel 2 cut is one of the most intricate cuts in our collection. The facets each have varying sizes and the wand as a whole sparkles with such a radiant, playful energy, you would have to guess that it was a special piece. Because of this, this wand is one of the more difficult wands to shape, and takes immense skill, talent, and patience from the artist (much like the dream crystals).

Keep in mind, that any Vogel Crystal or Master Healing Wand can serve the purposes mentioned below. This is always important to mention, as most of time people get attached to the ‘story' behind a piece, rather than tuning into the individual crystal beings on our site or in the store. All of these tools have been created with immense effort, concentration, and care, and not one of them is deficient in its abilities to magnify YOUR intentions.

As you would guess with the name, the Angel 2 Cut was designed to resonate with the Angelic Realms. This means that it is much like a radio transmitter that you will have in your house, tuning in and out of frequencies to call forth the divine messengers that exist for you. Many report that beings and energies that once seemed inaccessible, are now easier to attain with this crystal helper.

These pieces also seem to assist those around you, or whom you work with, to realize the presence of the divine energies, and brings forth an energy of peace and serenity, of feeling a sense of company and camaraderie in life. This can be very important in the healing process, and in breaking through fear, doubt, anxiety, and anger.

If you would like a crash-course in what possible benefits you can receive from working within the Angel-world, and what elements would be magnified when working with the Angel 2 Cut, read below.

Angels are celestial beings that are the go-between's for humans between the physical world, and the divine world. This means that Angels could also be considered your Spirit Guides, Guardian Spirits, Animal Guides, or any other energy that takes form and inspires you to reach for the unseen and divine.

Archangels are the highest ranking of all the angels (a concept present in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism) whose mission is to be of service for the good of mankind, and to relish in obliterating evil. Much like how the Greek or Hindu Gods and Goddesses, each have their own gift or energetic resonance to bestow, so do the Archangels. Here is a sampling:

Archangel Michael: Known as the ‘Body Guard' of sorts for humankind on their journeys, Archangel Michael is the protector that activates the divine will and magnifies faith.

Archangel Gabriel: Known as the “Light-Bearer” who magnifies purity, hope, joy, and discipline in healing. His pure white light will create harmony.

Archangel Raphael: Known as the “Healer”, his focus is the regeneration of Earth and Man.

Archangel Uriel: Known as the “Fire of God”, instilling passion for service and for peace. He carries with him divine judgment of all that is not good, or evil.

Archangel Zadkiel: Known as the “Purifier”, Archangel Zadkiel can assist in removing, and completely transmuting negativity. Erasing of the old, forgiveness, and the joy of freedom when the bounds are removed, Zadkiel is the conduit for these energies.

Peruse our Master Healing Wands page and our Ruby Lavender Quartz™ Master Healing Wand page to see if we have a Angel 2 Cut that vibrates with you.

To learn more about Natalie, visit her Bio page, or send her off an email at crystalwgs@jps.net.



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