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Article Index: The Power of The Foreseer Vogel Crystal

The Power of the Foreseer Wand

By Bill Hurley

*The Foreseer Wand is a Vogel Crystal that has been cut into a specific shape to induce a particular vibration. That vibration is what we are going to talk about today. Keep in mind that although the following can aid in your coming into closer contact with the essence of this wand, the things we are going to talk about may not be in alignment with what you and your unique energy will feel with it. Use your own intuition as the primary source, and the following information as a supplement.*

The Foreseer

The Foreseer Wand
Peruse our Master Healing Wands page and our Ruby Lavender Quartz™ Master Healing Wand page to see if we have a Foreseer that vibrates with you.
The Foreseer represents the ability to see into the future, enhance psychic abilities and intuition. It seems to carry along with it an energy of ‘getting to the root of the matter,' and seeing through the illusions of time and space. We can move beyond the temporal place and see and do things that extend beyond our normal awareness.

The history of psychics and intuitives is strewn with controversy. Many gifted individuals may hold back their abilities or their curiosity because of the lack of acceptance from the collective, or from memories of the past. Psychic abilities are aspects of human nature that can not be readily described by conventional thinking or awareness. The Foreseer may assist with embracing and magnifying these innate capabilities within you.

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