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Article Index: Love Synergy Combo - Green Tourmaline and Ruby Lavender Quartz™

Love Synergy Combo - Green Tourmaline and Ruby Lavender Quartz™

By Bill Hurley

In Bill's research and travels, he is guided to certain pockets of minerals or mines on the planet. Sometimes they will impress upon him an energy so deeply that he will carry the memory back with him to the store, and apply it to our crystal work.

So is the case with Green Tourmaline. Once a stone that glittered its way to his eye in South America, and enveloped him in a sense of love and power, Green Tourmaline speaks to the heart in a way that only this one stone can endure. Many stones represent love, but this stone pulls your perception down into your heart center, and opens up the power of receptivity. Not only that, but it represents to many compassion and acceptance, all encapsulated in the energy of the Divine Masculine.

So here is the real doozie. The moment that Bill felt the energy of this Green Tourmaline, he saw the Ruby Lavender Quartz along with it. They seemed to immediately want to meet, co-inhabitate each other, and finally unite in their energy and focus. That is not a big surprise to us Crystal lovers, because of the perfect balance of their properties. Here is a sampling:

Ruby Lavender Quartz Green Tourmaline
Unconditional Love Compassion and Acceptance
Divine Feminine Divine Masculine
High Heart Chakra Opener Heart Chakra Opener
Realm of the Ethers Earth Realms of Plants, Soil, and Water
Pure Love & Warmth Transforms Negative Energy into Positive
Emotion- Healer Pulls Out Crystallized Forms of Toxicity
Assists in Relationships and Love Assists with Success, Prosperity, & Abundance

The above gives you an idea how this coupling works so well together.

Check out our Jewelry Gallery to see if we have any Ruby Lavender Quartz/Green Tourmaline combos in pendant form, as this can be the most effective for you and your path, so that you are constantly carrying this energy over your heart center.

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