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Article Index: Maybe It Is Time For Some Truth

Maybe It Is Time For Some Truth in Metaphysics

By Bill Hurley

Scattered throughout new age stores, metaphysical communities, and in the crystal world, are a majority of lost souls. I say this because I am one of them.

You may feel lost. I know that I do sometimes. I feel as though life is too much to handle, and I am stepping out into a world that I am not prepared for. I want to feel special. I want to understand, hone in on, and be set forth into the realms of magic. To have a gift. Maybe there is even a part of me that wants to jump into the fray of a story on screen, and live the life of someone who has been given a divine ability, a talent, an unknown and never-heard-of-before super power.

Sometimes I find that is why people are here, in the metaphysical movement, I mean. We want to find some meaning in a world strewn with religious adhocracy and moral ambiguity. We want to believe that we are Merlin, thrashing through the thick of the medieval forest, slaying the negative powers that be. We want to be the prophet, the preacher, the healer, the magician, so that finally we may feel extraordinary.

And we no doubt look for teachers and gurus that can somehow confirm this individuality. These leaders can be robed in clothing that confirm they must come from another time and place, and that, they, too, are different. They may adorn themselves with language, and pauses to consult their spirit guides, that titillates your imagination and your belief that there is more than…. Just this. They may consult numerous teachers in the ethers, whom they channel and bring forth knowledge encrypted in words that are as profound as any spiritual script. And so you listen.

And yet, your search for truth is without fruit. Perhaps you find that you do not have the money or time to invest in a workshop, a seminar, or devoting yourself to a way of life that isolates you from that which you hold dear and sacred. You may find that those boxes and labels that we put new age beliefs in are just as confined as any orthodox religion. And so we are left at the beginning, yet again.

But what I would suggest is something revolutionary, and borderline insulting. Most of it is a lie. Including your obsession with being something special. I cannot be sure. But I hold fast to the realization that the more I journey, the more the spiritual path is a lonely and quiet place.

Every chant, prayer, sacred text, crystal technique, yoga asana, and energetic method exists because someone decided to feel, alone. They were by themselves, without book, pupil, mentor, or any support, other than their internal resonance with…. Something. It was through that singular experience that they developed a genuineness. Those are the true magicians of times past.

Many would argue that we need a push, someone that can guide us in the right direction. The only problem with this is that those who do the pushing can be just as desperately entwined in the illusion as you. Most of time they are. Those that devote themselves to spiritual pursuits, and whom label themselves as a leader-identity, are lost within their own deep need to be to you.

20 years of experience in the healing arts? A more spiritual sounding name? 5 degrees and 15 certifications under their belt? Been to India? Has an active clientele? Written a book? Just a path to discovering themselves - and a heck of a long one if you ask me.

That leaves just one solution.

Do not listen to all that ‘know more' than you. Listen to YOU!!

Good luck.

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