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Article Index: Couple's Therapy with Vogel Crystals

Relationship Work with Your Vogel Crystals

* These tips apply to Authentic Vogel Crystals, Master Healing Crystals (Clear Quartz and Ruby Lavender Quartz™, and Dream Crystals.*

By Bill Hurley

Just as we each have a divine purpose for existing and being in these bodies, our relationships also have deep and powerful meaning. When two individuals come together in relationship they do so to unite their abilities, gifts, and talents, and to exponentially increase their effectiveness on the earth plane. We are not just attracted to a person's physical physique, their face, smell, voice, spiritual beliefs, career path, emotional blueprint, or personality. We are attracted to journey with those people who have the potential to activate and heighten our own potential. It is with this in mind that the Vogel Crystal Work for Couples' is focused.

All the below exercises are designed to connect you and your partner, and discover the most positive potential that you two have together in evolving forward on your journey. Love, sensuality, and our ability to journey, expand, and evolve with our loved ones is no doubt a natural inclination on our path to healing and spiritual recognition. It is necessary to be able to open oneself to the outside world, and become receptive to the mirror that is your partner. Anything is possible with love, and although strangers, acquaintances, clients, or your favorite practitioners can access the spectrum that is you, the one who is closest to you is able, with your choosing, to dive deeper than ever thought possible. In many ways, spiritually speaking, that is why they are there.

Individual Work for Relationship Healing -

The first step in couples work is a willingness by both partners. If there is resistance on one end to working with crystals, doing energy work, or spending time together diving into a different realm, then there are a couple of things you can do.

Chord-Connection-Strengthening: You can work on strengthening the emotional chord that connects both of you during your own singular meditation. To do so, take your Vogel Crystal and imagine that there is a string or rope of light connecting your two bodies (whether in the house, or with your spouse across the world, the connection exists without regard to space or time). Observe any weakness, thinness, holes, or color abnormalities. Excavate every angle with your crystal, pulling apart and diving into the energetic complexities of your visual connection. You may see these details, or you may just imagine the light in general. Take out, with the total balanced energy of your crystal, any dark, heavy, or foreign energies that you feel are blocking the flow of love between the two of you.

Perhaps there are chords crossing, suffocating, or hindering the connection. Unravel them. Maybe the energetic rope spans not from the heart, but from other areas of the body - play with where your connection feels the most strong. Over time, the connection will go from a rope connected to each heart center, to a large force field of energy, connecting you from head to toe. You will be able to strengthen not only the love between the two of you energetically, but also the ability to communicate intuitively, share passion and physical intimacy in a more authentic and profound way, speak your truth to each other, and have confidence in your individual paths. This same technique works with family members, children, co-workers, and any people whom you interact with.

Receptivity-Gauge: The other method to move through relationship issues is to focus on your own individual energies. Oftentimes we would like to point the finger at other people to explain why things are not up to par with our expectations or needs. But you are the creator of your experience, and it is time to create a more passionate and deeply synergistic connection with the outside world, by working on you.

During meditation, either lying down or sitting cross legged, call in all your guides and helpers that assist with love, warmth, and receptivity. Make the intention clear to them and most specifically to your Vogel Crystal that you are here to let go of past hurts, and to implant an energy into your heart center that emanates unconditional love, and attracts those experiences and people that are in vibration with that energy.* (Read side box below)

*As a side note here, many people in relationship think that it is the other person that is sending them negative energy, or that is not giving positive energy. No one takes anything from you - you give it. Energetically speaking you are in charge of everything that goes in and out of your experience and perception. It is not your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend's negativity that is crowding your feeling of connection - it is simply your willingness to observe the negative groups of experiences that is. That is not to say that an abusive relationship is due to the victims lack of observation for the positive in the other - but the lack of gravitation toward the positive (or away from the negative) is definitely a factor. When we implant a generator and attractor of love in our heart center, we begin to gravitate towards those situations, experiences, and people whom are passionate and loving and willing to open themselves as well. It allows us more choices, more freedom, and more expansion than before. You may feel tired, drained, pessimistic, lost, doubtful, guilty, angry, void, or empty, and your Vogel Crystal Being can remind you that those emotions are just groups of experiences that are fleeting their way through your energy system. Through the conduit of the totally balanced crystal, you can reinvigorate your system and truly become a creator of your experience of love. *

Hold your Vogel Crystal, smallest tip pointing upward, at your heart center. Imagine that your Vogel Crystal Being is like a key, gently opening up your auric field to be receptive to this work. White light is pulsating through the crystal, up and down the body, initiating coming into resonance with the water molecules in your body (the fastest way in which to do healing/balancing). This feels relaxing, and only is truly effective with deep breathing in and out through your nose. If your mind wanders, bring your awareness to your breath, like your breath is the only noise in your perception, the ocean waves caressing in and out through your lungs. When you feel light, and the crystal feels that it has merged with your energy body (activated), then you begin the work. It is very subtle, but powerful.

Imagine your heart chakra open. It is a bit like a large generator glowing in your chest. A healthy heart chakra is truly the radio transmitter for attracting love, embrace, positivity and passion in your everyday life, but most of us have been allowing sludge in that is gumming up its true potential. As your heart chakra opens peel open the layers one by one, removing, washing, burning, or scraping away the heavy, dense, or dark energies that have made their way in through your lifetime. There may be 5 layers, or there may be 15. It is completely dependant upon your lesson structure. But the deeper you go, the older the memories and experiences are. If opening the heart chakra or the individual layers seems difficult, a bit like pulling against a connected magnet, focus your attention on the Vogel Crystal Being. Ask that it magnifies its energies in a pulse for just a moment. Countdown from 3 to 1, for the pulse to activate. When it does, use the tip of the crystal to pry open to the layer, and you are in. This happens when we have very deeply rooted hurts or blockages, and when we are attached to the pain or the victim hood. You can go through all the layers in one session, or depending on the complexity of the toxicity, you can come back for numerous sessions. Either way, at the end, ask your Vogel Crystal Being to create a holding pattern of receptivity to love in this heart generator, as well as implanting a magnetic energy grid of attracting, or pulling in, the light, love, and radiance that is in every person, situation, or experience. This will feel intense, warm, and you must surrender your mind during this process. Focus on your breath and the Vogel Crystal. Seal the heart chakra, and run the white pulsating light up and down the body again, slowly allowing your body to become heavy against the ground, fully bringing your body back into resonance.

During the above session, other than using the Vogel Crystal to pulse up and down the body pointing upwards, you will be guided by the crystal's intelligence itself to point it, move it, turn it as you like, or leave it still. There is no right or wrong. Your vision of your heart center may be very visually different than described above and if so, just remember the key is to remove toxicity from the etheric body, and to implant a grid of love-attraction within before sealing.

Combined Couples Work -

If you happen to be with a partner that is open, or as enthusiastic as you are, about working with crystals and the energy spectrum, then this is for you!

Sit cross-legged or lotus style facing each other.

With only one Vogel Crystal:

Take turns working with the Vogel Crystal. If you are holding the Vogel Crystal you should be perpendicular to your partner, sitting at their side so that the crystal in your dominant hand is in the front of your partner's chest, and your other hand is hovering behind them, receiving the crystal energy like a laser through the body. Ask that both of your spirit guides, spirit animals, and other spirit helpers come forth who can assist with releasing blocks, and strengthening and deepening the connection of love. Make the intention that the Vogel Crystal Being is programmed to channel divine love into a cohesive stream of energy, and guide you to those areas in need of balancing. Also make the intention that in this sacred space there is only room for positive memories, loving thoughts, and affectionate energy. All other energies will be transmuted by default with the Vogel Crystal.

Begin by breathing together. Inhale through the nose together, exhale through the nose together. Mirror your partners breath. With the crystal pointing to the thymus, right above the heart chakra, begin to test the strength of the crystals stream of energy. Circle the crystal, move closer to the chest or away, and angle up and down until you feel the energy the most intense on your receiving hand. When you find that intense spot, you have come into resonance with your partner's etheric body, as has the crystal. You are in. Now visualize the crystal shooting white light through the two hand circuit you have created, channeling it up and down the body. This is the initial scan. You can ask your partner to voice where they feel there is a block, or you can use the power and intuition of the Vogel Crystal Being itself to do so. You may see certain pockets of dense energies, or even chords that have been tangled. You may see stagnancy some places, and extreme movement of energy in other places. When scanning the body from tailbone to crown of the head you may feel resistance, almost like moving through mud, in those areas that are full of toxicity and held-onto-memories. You will be guided to pull out toxicity either through the thymus, or go directly to the area on the body where it is stored and do the extraction there. To take out negative energy you will pulse out through your nose, allowing the charge of our breath to release the toxin from your partner's body, and be transmuted into the crystal. Do this as much as you like, in one or numerous sessions.

The real point here, though, after removing the toxins, is to focus on strengthening and heightening the ability of the heart chakra. Take the crystal and begin to fill up the container of this energy center with bright white light, and unlimited love that is channeled from the divine, through the magnifier of the crystal. A pink, or ruby lavender color (see our Ruby Lavender Quartz), I have found to also be a very effective tone for bringing in the love energy. This is also a powerful time to bring forth your added dimension of experience. In addition to the divine love energy, include your own feelings of affection, love, excitement, and adoration. Allow the positive memories to emerge, and increase the speed to which the heart chakra is strengthened. You have that power because there is a strong chord of back-and-forth energy already connecting the two of you very deeply. You can use this information highway as a way to positively impact, heal, and balance your loved one. Imagine that your connection chord from your heart chakra, to their heart chakra, is an added source of energizing inflow, being filtered through the Vogel Crystal. There is a chord of energy from the divine love above and a chord of energy from your love center, filtering through the magnifying Vogel Crystal. You want to also implant a magnetic energy grid in the heart chakra that will attract those people, experiences, and situations of love, well-being, affection, and passion, beyond the short term. This grid looks different for each person - just follow the lead of your Vogel Crystal and what images it gives you. Seal the heart chakra with a final burst of energy, and slowly, with a gentle transition, bring the heaviness of your two bodies back into the room. Place your hands on your partner, one on the upper back, and the other on the heart chakra (with the Vogel Crystal pressing against the chest, pointing upward). Once your partner has come into their physical body, put the Vogel Crystal down in between you, facing each other. Look into each others eyes, still holding onto the energy that you were channeling through, as the practitioner. Hold this for a minimum of a minute. Switch, repeating the above. When both of you have received your turn, make sure to physically touch by hugging or kissing, to merge your two energized energy bodies.

The following “With 2 Vogel Crystals” Couples Work is recommended for those who feel familiar with crystal work. There is less technique here, and more work in the etheric realms, which leaves more up to you, your intuitive guidance and your crystal being. It is important that you feel comfortable and confident enough to follow your Vogel Crystal's lead when it guides you and leads you. When initially starting out, you may only feel able to do this for 2 minutes, but as you practice this can be a mutual practice that leads up to a half an hour, or even a full hour.

With 2 Vogel Crystals :

Sit cross-legged or in lotus position, facing each other. Leave a good 6 inches in between your crossed legs. Hold your Vogel Crystals either in two palms, the smallest point toward your partner like a laser, in your lap, or you may feel guided to place the Vogel Crystal at your heart chakra, pressing against your chest, pointing up and down, with the smallest point directed upward toward your chin. Ask that both of your spirit guides, spirit animals, and other spirit helpers come forth who can assist with releasing blocks, and strengthening and deepening the connection of love. Make the intention that the Vogel Crystal Being is programmed to channel divine love into a cohesive stream of energy, and guide you to those areas in need of balancing. Also make the intention that in this sacred space there is only room for positive memories, loving thoughts, and affectionate energy. All other energies will be transmuted by default with the Vogel Crystal.

There are essentially four main stages in all the couples work. The Initiation Stage is bring the crystal being into vibration with the water molecules of the human body (either yours, or your partners depending). The Removal Stage is removing toxicity from the etheric body. The Activate Stage is where the powerful streams of divine love are activated, and love energy overflows, filling up the body. The Final Stage is implanting any grids for lasting change, and sealing off the energy body before coming back to the physical fully.

It is important that both of you understand these stages so that you can communicate briefly to each other when you feel that the next stage is being brought forth. There will not always be synchronicity, especially in the beginning, and that is okay. One person may be in the Activate Stage, while the other is still in the Removal Stage. When you reach the end, just remain receptive and open to receive while the work is being done. And do not rush if you are the one still working - it is divine and meant-to-be if you are guided to continue. When you work with this exercise enough magical things will begin to happen during session. You will be able to imagine, or see, the coupling of your energies together. You will be able to observe the toxins melting away, and even observe the activity on the other end of the heart chakra chord (observing your partner working). You will be able to mirror and parallel each stage your partner is doing. And when you come back to the focus of the physical plane your abilities together will be magnified or finally discovered.

After session is the best time to communicate or express yourselves. The more you practice these exercises the more you will communicate and understand each other on the energetic level.

This is definitely a coursework that activates Lemurian memories. Lemuria was not advanced technologically speaking. Their focus was in their ability to utilize the metaphysical or etheric world, learning how to levitate, speak telepathically, and travel in the ethers. The couples work above also assists in bringing forth the Lemurian work.

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