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Article Index: The Economy & Vogel Crystals

The Economy & Vogel Crystals

By Bill Hurley

"The ‘Current Crisis'"

"The Upcoming Cataclysmic 2012"

"Recession Rollbacks"

"In these harsh economic times…"

These are phrases that we hear on a regular basis. Some of us may hear it more often than others. Some of us may be the ones talking about it, worrying, pontificating, watching the news or TV show, or listening to the couple in the booth next to us. Some of us may be ‘preparing' for the worse, or will be the victim entrenched in a hodgepodge of confusing circumstances with no where to turn.

No matter how ‘spiritual' or ‘empowered' you are, you may finally have met your energetic match for rivalry. For the first time in your spiritual career, you may be asking yourself what has more power; you, or the outside world? Circumstances suddenly emerge as more significant than your own internal environment and you feel claustrophobic and stuck (though you would never dare to admit it, because YOU are someone who does not invest in ‘negative' thinking).

You may have a hard time taking those leaps, be it educational, recreational, in your career, or in your relationships, all because of the apparent financial strings that are pulling you in the opposite direction of your dreams and energetic integrity.

You may be making different decisions than you would if the viewfinder to the outside world was clear of this heavy clutter. Your everyday thinking might be hinged upon the gauge of collective perception into what ‘a bunch of people and situations' think, feel, or are experiencing in their realities.

You may be noticing that things are very different. Even your teachers, gurus, family members and friends are responding to the same ‘dragon in the cave,' attempting to conquer her wrath, but to no avail. Stores are closing, jobs are lost, less clients are coming through the doors, and your bank account does not seem to have the same clarity and pull that it did before. Reality does seem rock solid and sure-as-hell real.

Some days are better than others. You may go for a daily or even week long sprints through the fray, holding your intentions, and your creations of magnificent reality. But you are wondering why you seem to plummet back through the black hole to ‘reality.'

This time is different for you. Abundance is not appearing in the same way it used to. It is taking on a new shape, a new energy, a new form of expression.

Prosperity is there, but not in the form that you are comfortable with, and thus can recognize.

When you take a look at the earth, for example, life appears everywhere. But it appears in different forms. In the dry, barren desserts lizards scuttle through the sand. In the deep depths of the ocean, where pressure is deafening, and light strains to flow, beings have adapted to thrive. Miles deep into the soil there is still life, surging through the moisture, and crystals grow. Those darn roaches have figured out how to procreate through the ages, perhaps because no other species can value and treasure the same assets that they have accepted.

If we were to metaphorically observe any one of the above examples we would no doubt feel overwhelmed with worry and discomfort, because we do not recognize the unlimited nature and resources at our disposal in each setting. Yet the cornucopia of energy is there, whether you see it, feel it, or not.

The feelings that you may be having are simply because you are observing what you can see, not what is possible and thus really there. This is where those who immerse themselves in the world of crystals are at an advantage. If you are already familiar with tuning into the magic of your crystal wand, or visualizing and imagining an alternate reality into being, than you are just a veil away from stepping into a garden of wealthy possibilities.

No matter what is going on, you have the ability to see what brings you joy and a feeling of prosperity, and to experience your dreams coming true. Abundance is everywhere, but may be in unfamiliar appearances. Use the above suggestions to invoke a treasure hunt for these foreign pockets of wealth, and revel in what you find.

When working with your Vogel Crystal or Master Healing Tool, use your attention to amplify the abundance around you. Acknowledge that this crystal grew beneath the earth at times that were tumultuous and rare by our standards, yet it thrived nonetheless and manifested into a beautiful material representation of divine energy, just like you. These crystals are examples of growth, possibility, and adapting to the materials surrounding them. Gain wisdom from feeling this fabric of mother earth and, most importantly, gain a wider-angle-lens perspective on the un-limitedness of your environment.

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