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Article Index: What Are Dream Crystals?

What Are Dream Crystals?

By Bill Hurley

Dream crystals are all the rage in the crystal world now-a-days. And why shouldn't they be? They are some of the most refined, beautiful, rare, and powerful sacred geometry pieces available. It is no doubt that these are the tools used by those who are truly ready for a deep energetic shift, and whom can be a bright beacon of light for the rest of the world, with their power.

"Phi Crystals" is another term used by some to describe Vogel Crystals.

To learn more about these, check out our “What Are Vogel Crystals?” and “How Do I Know If It's A Real Vogel?” articles. We also have an extensive online store of Vogel Healing Tools. Check out our Authentic Vogel Crystal Gallery, and the Master Healing Wands Gallery to shop.

Dream Crystals, which some consider to be the most powerful of all crystal wands, are the Dream Crystals that have been within the Vogel lineage for some time. Whatever name these tools are labeled, they are considered the “Hope Diamond” of quartz. What makes them different from the traditional Vogel Crystals, and the Master Healing Wands, is their unique and rare concave sides. Only one man (trained by Marcel Vogel) in the world has the technology and skill to make tools of this kind. Many say that because of this concave blueprint, Dream Crystals have a host of additional powers or abilities that are refined specifically for mass impact and worldly change. Regardless, they were designed with one thing in mind - to amplify and cohere one's intentions to the direction of one's choice. This is manifestation at its finest.

Dream Crystals come in many different configurations, all with very different purposes and gifts. They start at 3 Sided (or 3 Gates) up to 144 Sides (or 144 gates). The uses and suggested applications of these different sides depends solely on your own unique vibration, and the crystal being itself. Here is a sampling of what has been reported to us, and what we have experienced, with each different configuration.

The 3 Sided Dream Crystal : “Om Crystal” - Mysteries are found in these 3 gates. Brings forth that which has never been. Intense, reverberating energy that attunes to the fairy and elemental realm due to its creative and playful energies and techniques. Represents the ‘trinity' of mind, body, and spirit. Speed. Confidence. Joy.

The 5 Sided Dream Crystal : “The Igniter” - Activates change, flow, and movement. The explorer of all realms undiscovered, adventuring curiously into the unknown. Obliterates fear and breaks up old patterns. Investigation. Release. Transition.

The 6 Sided Dream Crystal : “Earth Healer” - Nurturing, loving, represents the divine feminine. Soothing, warming, protective. Egyptian royalty and magic are instilled in this energy matrix. Protection in all realms, used as a shield. Unification. Transformation. Love.

The 7 Sided Dream Crystal : “The Mirror” - The all-seeing eye of observation. Invokes deep inward work and reflection. Promotes inner seeing, intuition, and foretelling of the future. Never leaves a stone unturned in its detail-oriented work. Deals with all things deeply. Christ consciousness. Wisdom.

The ‘Royal Dreams' below, are truly the top-of-the-line collection, and considered the most powerful in their application to this present time on Earth:

The 88 Dream Crystal : “King of Creation” - This is the true gateway into the infinite energy that is at the disposal of mankind. It assists in unveiling the energetic spectrum around you, and aids in pointing out and illuminating the inner methods needed for creation. No time exists when journeying with this gem of manifestation. Action. Movement. Constant flow. Luminescence.

The 108 Dream Crystal : “Spiritual Queen” - Envelop in the energy of union and divine excellence. Do not be afraid of heights. Resonates with the crown chakra, like they were the oldest friends, and ignites the completion stage of journeys. Calming. Resolving. Uniting. Spiritual excellence.

The 144 Dream Crystal : “Activate, Activate, Activate” - Pull from the unseen and access multi-dimensional realms. Travel beyond the here-and-now. Step over time, like skipping stones on water, and access the past, present, and future, most specifically past lives for healing. The wand of the true magicians. Like a set of explosives designed to catapult you forward, outward, inward. Energize. Initiate. Expand.

To find these and other Dream Crystals, check out our Dream Crystal Gallery.

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