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Article Index: Who Is Saint Germain?

Who Is Saint Germain?

By Bill Hurley

Saint Germain
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St. Germain is a man that emerged in history in the 18th century. He was thought to be a prophet, an alchemist who could create material objects at will, and an immortal. He was also said to be an advisor to kings and queens of that age. Some theologians believe that Saint Germain was many people in the span of his lifetime, including: Plato, Merlin, Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

Saint Germain is thought by followers of the I Am Teachings to be an Ascended Master, a person who lived in a physical body, but then became immortal, by-passed the cycles of kharma, and attained a state of ascension, where he can become an energetic teacher of mankind.

Guy Ballard, the founder of the I Am Movement, was searching for divine guidance on a trip to Mount Shasta in the 1930's. While hiking the mountain, he said that he met a man, who introduced himself as Comte Saint Germain and gave Mr. Ballard a plethora of teachings that eventually became the basis of the ‘I Am' spiritual teachings and books.

In present day, Saint Germain is the labeled energy that represents guidance to your life purpose and true path. He is the energy of transmutation, which allows everything that exists to be transformed and changed into what you desire. Saint Germain is said to carry with him a sacred violet flame, that one can throw all toxic thoughts, feelings, memories, and turn them into the gold of your future experience. It is known as the 7th ray of the Holy Spirit, that is also called the flame of transmutation, of freedom, of forgiveness. This is an energy that is useful for those who desire to make all things new, and who wish to transcend from the present state of being.

Crystal Wings Signature Flame of Saint Germain™The Flame of Saint Germain Master Healing Crystals that we carry on our site were inspired when the artist felt Comte Saint Germain's energy come through him to shape and manifest these tools. It is made of Ruby Lavender Quartz™, which has a pink/violet tone to it, representing the violet flame that this Ascended Master carries with him at all times. At the top of the wand is the most magnificent curved surface on the back, representing the flame, which twinkles and illuminates, causing different shapes and forms to take place when scrying.

Like all our crystals, the Flame of Saint Germain basks in the energy of Mount Shasta where Guy Ballard had his mystical experience. Like all our crystals, the Flame of Saint Germain basks in the energy of Mount Shasta where Guy Ballard had his mystical experience. People come from around the world to feel the energy of this sacred spot, and many rely on our mail-order crystals as a way to tune into the energies of this geographical vortex.

To browse our different Flame of Saint Germain Crystals check out our Ruby Lavender Quartz™ Master Healing Wand Page, and our Ruby Lavender Quartz™ Pendants Page.

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