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Bill's Personal Collection

The most eminent crystal collectors know Bill for his exquisite taste. They come straight to Crystal Wings because they know they are getting the best of the best, the cream of the crop, without having to sweat and toil in the mines, across continents for decades like he has. Now, we are offering YOU the opportunity to bring the most rare and natural pieces from Mother Earth into your life, straight from Bill's most prized collection. These pieces are rare in their energetic and aesthetic integrity, hand-chosen through thousands of pounds of mineral. As you will see below, because these have been collected for over thirty years there are types of pieces that you have never seen before and will never be seen again. Enjoy...

Madagascar Crystal

Madagascar Crystal #1 Madagascar Crystal #2 Madagascar Crystal #3
Madagascar Crystal #4 Madagascar Crystal #5

Altar Crystals

Ancient Lemurian Lemurian Dancer Dancing Light

Lemurian Seed Crystals

All of the following are RARE Lemurian Seed Crystals saved and hidden since the 1980's and 1990's. They are large, intact quartz pieces that are exceptional in their clarity and energetic integrity. You do not find pieces of this clarity and size anymore.

Ancient Lemurian Seed #359 Ancient CITRINE Lemurian Seed #361 Record Keeper Lemurian #362 - SOLD

Quartz Crystals

RARE Rutilated Polished Point #364 Clear Quartz to Smokey Quartz Polished Point #365 Smokey Rainbow Polished Quartz #366
NEW! RARE 5 Sided Dream Crystal with Golden Rutile    
Vogel Star of David
Ruby Lavender Quartz Flame of Saint Germain Pendant
Powerful Pendants