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Article Index: Crystals Are Back!


By Barbara LaRocca

Crystals have been an important part of the healing world as long as man has walked upon this earth. In the past, they were used as spiritual tools more extensively and these methods are returning.

Many people have maintained and increased their interest in the healing properties of crystals. With the stronger need for non-physical healing combined with physical healing, many people are discovering the power of special healing crystals.

There is a need to revive ancient healing methods. As the one millennium ends and another begins, many will need the services of healers and healing tools. In the last few years, some quartz cutting artists have channeled new forms that are remembered from ancient tools. These tools were used at the height of the healing arts in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, and other advanced cultures.

The actual tools that were used in these advanced cultures were physically lost. However, Master Healing Tools have souls--and their essences have survived. Their basic shapes were also embedded in their soul memory. These are the shapes are being remembered by healers and the spiritually advanced quartz cutters.

Marcel Vogel was an IBM inventor who discovered the power of a four-sided crystal wand whose shape was based on the Tree of Life and the mathematics of the pyramids. This shape releases the abilities of the crystal to transmit and amplify energy. When used with conscious intent, these wands cause the subject of the treatments to feel the release of deep trauma. When the cells of the body experience the removal of deep remembered trauma, they begin to heal completely.

Over time, Marcel found that using eight-sided crystal wands created a different modality of healing. Later, the cutters produced twelve and thirteen sided wands. After Marcel's death, he visited a Brazilian cutter in a dream, giving him instructions for cutting a "Dream Crystal". With the advent of the Dream Crystal, as well as the 21-sided and 33-sided cuts, it became obvious that these shapes were asking to be reborn.

Those who have used these Master Healing Crystals in past lives easily and joyfully remember them in this life. During the 1999 Wesak celebration in Mt. Shasta, CA., several people were re-united with crystals they had known before. While in the Crystal Wings store, there were two instances of this when Barbara LaRocca, multi-dimensional counselor-psychic-healer, gave healing treatments to two women with two of the Vogel Dream Crystals. Each of these women burst into tears at the end of their treatments-they were very moved by re-uniting with an old friend. Each reported that they knew the crystals from past lives.

The two "Dream Crystals" used in the healings were chosen by the store's owner, Bill Hurley. Bill has a gift of being able to choose and bring powerful crystals to a place where they find the person most suited to work with. He has a limited number of Dream Crystals, all hand picked for their special energies and skills. One of the two used in the above mentioned healings is a clear quartz, and the other is a rose quartz.

Barbara notes, "I have been using a Dream Crystal for several months now. It is a four-sided, rutilated, clear crystal and has been a constant companion. I use it when I channel and my channeling has become more and more powerful. In meditation, the crystal brings information that allows me to experience many dimensions and access needed new information."

"With the Dream Crystal, I feel that my connection with Atlantis is stronger. Information regarding the darkness surrounding Atlantis, and the lack of new information, brought me to the awareness that we are ready to receive this information due to a new level of consciousness. Along with this new level of consciousness comes new responsibility. Now, we are being initiated by the Dream Crystals to accept the ancient challenge of using power with ethical responsibility."

"After working with the four-sided Dream Crystal for several months, I was introduced to the three-sided and the six-sided Dream Crystals. (See the Dream Crystals.) Both of these shapes are incredibly beautiful, as is the four-sided. All have different purposes and properties."

The Three-sided Dream Crystal has the ability to connect the individual with higher waves of information and energy. After the Four-sided has reconfigured the inner matrix, the Three-sided connects and activates the matrix. The energy from the Three-sided radiates around the third eye and crown chakras as it recharges mental and spiritual connections. It reconnects all the passageways of the matrix and allows the brain to operate more smoothly.

Then the Six-sided takes over and expands and enhances the above.

The Six-sided Dream Crystal is often experienced as a total body energy- radiating outward to expand the aura. It especially expands the area around the fourth and fifth chakras so that the mind and body are more connected and in better communication.

The Six-sided Dream Crystal downloads information from all spiritual cultures and realms. It adds the information, feelings, and "software" necessary for operating the matrix that has been reconfigured and healed. Much of the experiential information from Atlantis radiates from these Six-sided Dream Crystals. It is expected that the overall effect of this Dream Crystal will be to enhance and expand the doorways of knowledge to Atlantian technologies and spiritual practices.

All of the Dream Crystals are capable of healing. If the person (or animal, tree, etc.) requires a specific healing before connecting it with other realms or increasing energies and functions, the healing will occur. The different shapes (three, four and six-sided) work more efficiently when used for their specialties-but all work to create the harmonious conditions necessary to healing and spiritual growth.

New information about these crystals is being discovered daily. Using the Master Healing Crystals provides training in itself. People who are sensitive to the crystals can channel their purposes and teachings. People who have never been involved with spiritual forms of healing also seem able to perceive the power of these wands.

Activating the ancient information that is stored in the crystal produces a profound effect. When these crystals are worked with, the innate properties or Divine Order and Harmony are imparted to the practitioner. The crystals have a matrix within that knows the ideal configuration of DNA and healing. With these blueprints, the healer can remove old trauma and invite the reinstitution of optimum health.

With the use of the Vogel Crystals and all three of these Dream Crystals, there is a rebirth of a highly developed spiritual ability to heal and to manifest deeper, more satisfying realities. The time has come for each of us to take our position more securely. No matter what you are doing in your life, the more you live close to this deeper reality… the Spirit and the Soul of our planet will be healed and recharged.

In addition to the healing of the planet and us, there is an astral healing that has been occurring due to greater consciousness and responsibility. Although there are many that still live an unconscious and destructive existence, the growing number of people willing to do the Great Work are bringing the Alchemy of the Heart to fruition. The crystals are the Philosopher's Stone-that which tinges the user with Gold and Immortality.

Crystals are formed over thousands of years. Some seem to wait to be found and released so that their forms can return to the hands of those needing them. When cut with light and love, these crystals are able to meet their full potential. In the right hands, they heal the user as well as anyone seeking healing from the user.

Perhaps some crystal will come back to you…

Barbara LaRocca, multi-dimensional healer, is a certified hypnotherapist and doctoral candidate. She adds her extensive knowledge of psychology, channeling, hypnosis, and shamanism to compliment the crystal healing techniques. She does individual sessions and workshops.

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