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The Infinity Wand, Optically Clear Quartz (#HW-If)
  Infinity is an energy without limit. An unbounded, endless cycle of movement that cannot be added to or taken away but only utilized or stepped into. The Infinity Wand pulls you into the sacred art of allowing, and becoming in regards to the flow and go of the universe.  
Sizing: 4 1/2 x 1 3/4 X 1 1/2 in.
USD $1070
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About OPTICALLY Clear Quartz Wands:

Optically clear quartz is rare. To find material that is natural (grown in nature) that has no inclusions, veils, minerals, or other internal elements is extremely difficult. Bill travels around the world to sift through thousands of pounds of quartz to find specimen that meet this criteria.

Although the Vogel lineage does not put any more value on totally clear crystal than it does on other configurations, some traditions prefer this material. Many in the shamen tradition use these crystals for 'extraction' work. This is healing work that uses a crystal to extract negative energies and entities from the client. In this tradition it is preferred to use optically clear quartz.

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