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Jewelry: The Vogel Star of David

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The Star of David in Ruby Lavender Quartz
The Star of David in Ruby Lavender Quartz
Vogel Star of David, Citrine & Clear Quartz    

What Are Vogel Star of Davids?

The Vogel Star of David was designed by Marcel Vogel himself. He found that when doing public speaking, or interacting with many people in one day, he could benefit from a protective shield of love. He then designed this amazing pendant, with sacred angles, and facet design.

Cut into the center of this triangle are two smaller triangles, one on either side, facing opposite directions and forming the Star of David. This crystal can be programmed with any thought of intention the wearer chooses. When imprinted with the thought of love and well being it acts as a protective shield from unwanted energies. Marcel recommended that it be worn over the thymus gland (or witness area), just above the heart chakra.

Read more about the Star of David in our article, What is the Star of David Pendant?

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