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Welcome!  Your crystal companion is waiting for you…

Crystal Wings is your  home for professional crystal experience and knowledge. 
Bill Hurley, a personal student of Marcel Vogel and the crystal kingdom beginning in 1972, brings his experience and knowledge to every purchase. 
We have a great inventory of AUTHENTIC Vogel Crystals.
We are also the exclusive distributor of Ruby Lavender Quartz™ and the Flame of Saint Germain™.  
We are one of the largest dealers in the world of these powerful quartz tools.
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6 sided Vogel small
6 Sided Vogel
8 sided Vogel small
8 Sided Vogel
12 sided Vogel small
12 Sided Vogel
13 sided Vogel small
13 Sided Vogel

Why Buy a Vogel Crystal from Crystal Wings?

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Bill met Marcel Vogel in the early 1970’s and has been passionate aboutVogel Crystals and their power to transform ever since.

Call us at (530) 918-7972 and we will help you find your crystal companion.

Learn more about how Bill met Marcel and how this changed his life’s journey.  Click here!

Certified by Marcel in Vogel crystal healing and spiritual extraction techniques in the 1980’s. Bill has used and taught the “Vogel” healing/extraction method and sold vogel crystals since then.

Our inventory often changes.  Contact us for a current listing of crystals.


What our customers say about Crystal Wings

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These testimonials are all real emails that we have received, unsolicited from our customers. If you have an experience to report with one of our crystals, we would love to hear of it!  Let us know!
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