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Crystal Wings Mission Statement

by Bill Hurley

With over 40 years under my belt, use my experience and knowledge of the crystal industry to make available for clients the planets finest stones at the most reasonable prices.

Continue to develop the "Master Healing Crystal Series™" of healing/meditation pieces/wands using three prime sources of knowledge:

1. Legacy of Marcel Vogel. I.E. Grounded, scientific crystal knowledge.

2. Shamanic (I.E. The “old ways”) Techniques. Just as the old time Shaman/Healer used the natural world around them { bone, feathers, animal parts, sticks, stones and plants in the creation of magical tools}, we do the same using crystal.

3. Dreams of Atlantis/Lemuria Wisdom.

The Master Healing Crystals™ are to be an asset for anyone: Healers of all modalities and species, the practicing Shaman on the mountainside crying for a vision, those with, or attempting to, contact off planet beings, the lightest of light workers, anyone interested in true crystal knowledge for walking their own path. The list is endless.

Be an asset to our own clients and realizing clients of all healers deserve the finest, provide it.

American owned and operated we support the american worker.... 93% of the Master Healing Crystal Series™...and 100% of the Ruby Lavender™ pieces being handcrafted in the USA.

In an industry fraught with mis-information, continue to pursue true crystal knowledge, dispelling the "woo woo" for good, solid, grounded knowledge.

“Crystal Wings is a rest stop/supply house on one's way to the spiritual realms."

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