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Letter From the Founder

field of lemurian crystals"A long time personal student of Marcel Vogel and carrying a huge inventory of genuine, AUTHENTIC Vogel Crystals (also known as Vogel Healing Wands), I have used Marcel's healing and research techniques for over 40 years (see Bill's Bio).

We continue to develop extraordinary, exquisite, powerful and very personal healing wands using the Vogel philosophy and scientific healing techniques. Examples of this are our astounding, totally clear, carefully balanced Extraction crystals and Prana crystals.These are used by many Healers, Teachers and Shamen and their students. These leaders, using various crystal balancing techniques, recognize the quality of our crystals.

Ruby Lavender Quartz™ is another wonderful example: Obtaining the total world supply, we have pioneered in developing this stone into rare, almost supernatural, Balancing / Healing Crystal Wands. Totally unique to the individual. You will not find these anywhere else. Regardless of crystal experience these beautiful, elegant wands appeal to all. We are continuously told of how Ruby Lavender Quartz™ helps balance the high heart chakra. Please read the Lost Stone of Atlantis article and the What is Ruby Lavender Quartz™? article.

So . . . if you are ready for the next step on the "Crystal Journey".... It is our honor to assist you. Please check out the largest inventory in the world of AUTHENTIC Vogel Crystals, and our Exclusive Ruby Lavender Quartz™ pieces. Or give us a call! "

Bill Hurley, Owner of Crystal Wings

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