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144/6 Sided Vogel

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144 6 sided Vogel end view
144 6 sided Vogel end view2

144/6 Sided Vogel, Clear Quartz

“Activate, Activate, Activate” – Pull from the unseen and access multi-dimensional realms. Travel beyond the here-and-now. Step over time, like skipping stones on water, and access the past, present, and future, most specifically past lives for healing. The wand of the true magicians. Like a set of explosives designed to catapult you forward, outward, inward. Energize. Initiate. Expand.
Sizing: 8 1/2 in.  X  3 -1/4  in. Sizing may vary!
**Make sure to get out a ruler to truly understand the vast magnificence of these dimensions. Some of the largest pieces we have ever carried.**
Bill Hurley Crystal Wings Jaguar
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