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What Are Authentic Vogel Crystals?

What Are Authentic Vogel Crystals? By Dr. Barbara LaRocca The purpose of this article is to introduce you to a powerful way of connecting with the earth’s healing energy. One of these connectors is natural quartz crystal that are cut to unfold their fullest power. They are referred to as AUTHENTIC Vogel Crystals. Marcel Vogel […]

How do I know I am Buying a Real Vogel crystal?

How do I know I am Buying a Real Vogel crystal? By Bill Hurley Vogel refers…to an AUTHENTIC, genuine, real, true Vogel Crystal Healing Wand… Used in the Vogel Healing Techniques. Imi-con…refers to an imitation, counterfeit, poorly cut, “trying to be a Vogel”, usually double terminated crystal. Am I qualified to answer?… I believe so… […]

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