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Tips for Working with Ruby Lavender Quartz™

Tips for Working with Ruby Lavender Quartz™ By Bill Hurley Here are some tips for working with Ruby Lavender Quartz™.  As always, the suggestions serve as only a beginners guide. Hard and fast rules in the crystal world are extremely foolish. You will develop techniques and ideas of your own as you use this stone. An Amplifier: Although this stone is not the ‘Clear Quartz’ variety, it still has the power and focus to be used as an amplifier like any of your other ‘Vogel Crystals’.  The only difference is that it carries with it a suggestive type of energy that always leans toward healing through love, and amplifying your intentions through the lens of the heart. Not limited to the Heart Chakra: Ruby Lavender Quartz™ does have a commanding heart chakra energy, and does vibrate with that energy center, yet it never remains there. Marcel Vogel felt that the high heart chakra area (located between the Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra) was possibly the ‘doorway to the soul’.  This thymus location was the area into which he would bring a crystal into presence with the energy of the body, so one can literally address any physical or emotional issue. Emotional Healing: So many of us are in our heads. We ‘think’ about things, and make decisions about things as simple as our emotions, or as complex as having to do with our career, based upon the process of the mind. Although Ruby Lavender Quartz™ can work through the mind, it has tremendous power also working through the heart, or the emotional center. This is especially useful when dealing with emotional toxicity, baggage, or trauma. This stone’s mere presence can invoke release, without even thinking about it. Temperature Gauge: Ruby Lavender Quartz™ can be a gentle warmth that envelops your hand, or a blazing fire that burns away even the most dense and heavy energies. It can be the tender embrace of Kuan Yin, or the electrifying push of Saint Germain to shift to a higher vibration. The intensity of heat is up to you, but RLQ will follow. An Unconditional Friend: When wearing a Ruby Lavender Quartz™ pendant, or bringing a wand into your home, you have an energy of unconditional love, acceptance, and balance that comes along with you. Most of us, if not all, have moments when our positive inner calm can diminish and almost go out. Perhaps it is a judgment from someone, an argument, or just differing vibrations that will challenge you. But Ruby Lavender Quartz™ will offer you, your clients, or anyone whom you are around to bask in a refuge of love. Bill Hurley, certified in 1985 by Marcel Vogel, occasionally gives seminars and does private sessions. He may be reached via phone at +1(530) 918-7972 or email at Edit Template

What is the Vogel Star of David?

What is the Vogel Star of David? What is the Vogel Star of David by Bill Hurley The symbol of the Star of David has been known for thousands of years in religious traditions, as the shield of God. More well known in Judaism, this symbol also has shown significance in other spiritual traditions such as Islam, Hinduism, and Occultism. The Star of David has symbolized protection and strength to many who wear the symbol. In Judaism, the Star of David, an extension of the Divine, or God, shielded the Biblical David in his battles. It also carries with it the number seven, six for each side, plus the center of the symbol. The seven symbolizes the seven Archangels Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Zadkiel who guide and protect us. This energy of the Archangels directs us in subtle, personal ways, and protects us from attacks from darker energies. The hexagram, or 6 pointed star, is also a mandala symbol in Hinduism, that represents a perfect meditative state and balance between us, and the divine or etheric world. This represents an energy of being released from the trappings and bounds of the material world, and achieving a state of ‘nirvana.’ The downward triangle on the front symbolizes the sacred embodiments of the feminine, while the upward triangle on the back represents the masculine focus. These two energies intertwined ultimately represent the most powerful energy of all, creation. In the metaphysical/crystal world the Star of David gained momentum of power and use because of IBM scientist, researcher, and crystal alchemist Marcel Vogel (read <a href=”what_are_vogels”>What Are Vogel-Cut Crystals?</a>). Not only did Marcel discover that quartz crystal shaped into sacred geometry wand form could induce a powerful healing effect, but that a pendant could do so as well. The only pendant that Marcel designed based upon the Sacred Geometry blueprint himself, the Star of David was his vice for protection and regeneration in his personal and professional life. He found that wearing the pendant allowed him to stave off energetic residue from clients, students, or his audience, while still maintaining a level of sensitivity. It has been reported effective for loved ones, and family members that you may inadvertently give away your energy to. This powerful Vogel Star of David pendant seems to be most beneficial for those who regularly engage with other people, whether in public speaking, sales, an active clientele, or also for those who feel extra sensitive to others opinions, judgments, and beliefs. This has been found to be one of the most important tools in our medicine bag for cementing or solidifying the foundation of the self, while venturing out into the great beyond of the external world. This is no doubt a powerful energy, being that many of us become our environment, rather than bring forth our own true nature. To shine our bright light outward, we must be focused and vigilant in awareness of who we are, verses who we are in reaction to the world around us.   Bill Hurley, certified in 1985 by Marcel Vogel, occasionally gives seminars and does private sessions. He may be reached via phone at +1(530) 918-7972 or email at Edit Template

What Are Authentic Vogel Crystals?

What Are Authentic Vogel Crystals? By Dr. Barbara LaRocca The purpose of this article is to introduce you to a powerful way of connecting with the earth’s healing energy. One of these connectors is natural quartz crystal that are cut to unfold their fullest power. They are referred to as AUTHENTIC Vogel Crystals. Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) was with IBM for 27 years doing research and development. He developed the magnetic coating for IBM’s disc drive, the first liquid crystal displays, or LCD, and researched the effect of the mind and emotion on plants. He eventually began to use raw, single terminated quartz crystals. By pointing the crystal at another person, he discovered that the crystal amplified thoughts and emotions, often putting the individual into an altered state of consciousness. After leaving IBM, Vogel continued his research on the use of quartz crystals and their ability to heal people. He founded the Psychic Research Inc., a group dedicated to intensive research into healing energies, especially those of various shapes of quartz crystals. He discovered that doubled terminated wands, cut in the same spatial ratios and proportions of the Tree of Life and pyramids of Egypt, are able to transmit energy that can scientifically be measured. Vogel was cutting the wands to reflect the famous alchemical transmutation, “as above, so below.” With the proportions dictated by the Tree of Life and the pyramids of Egypt, he cut the raw quartz — always pieces that had somehow been broken from their source — and no longer had a consistent or symmetrical flow of energy. Each raw piece of quartz (clear, smoky, amethyst, citrine, rutilated) was looked at with an inner sense of its true shape. In addition, the quartz crystals were cut to the frequency of water molecules allowing them to resonate with the liquids in the body. The cutting was done with conscious caring and intention that enable the crystal to find its true potential and optimum ability to transmit and amplify energy. Vogel knew that the real origin of illness is in the etheric body. Although the body or emotions sustain a trauma, the etheric body holds the memory of physical or emotional injury and it can become stagnant, distorted, or stuck. The result of this unstable or blocked energy is illness. He discovered that crystals are the common thread in healing that ties together energy, illness, and problems in the etheric body. Whenever light from the higher realms comes into a person’s body, the light gets refracted if the etheric body is not stable. This can cause illness. The Vogel cut crystal gives the user immediate access to the etheric body and stabilizes it, allowing light from the higher realms to enter. Also, a matrix or template of perfection already exists inside the etheric body. Even when there is physical or emotional trauma, the matrix still exists and can be brought back to optimum conditions by the use of Vogel cut crystals. The actual technique used by the Vogel practitioner is simple but intense. The first key is the clear intention of sending only healing and love to the one being healed. In addition, when learning to do healing, the practitioner develops the ability to clear his or her mind and intentions, as well as raise their state of consciousness. A practitioner can meditate with the wand over the thymus, sometimes called the seat of the soul located in the middle of the chest above the heart. The crystal will help to train the user’s ability to concentrate, stay conscious of thoughts and feelings, align inner energy, focus intention, and prepare to bring the best possible healing to the one being healed. The person doing the treatment with a Vogel cut crystal directs the crystal in an amplified field up and down the persons body until the charge is at maximum. The individual being treated visualizes the area to be treated and goes to the cause of his or her discomfort, imaging that it will be released with a pulse of breath. This breaks up and clears patterns of trauma that have been stored in bone, organs, or tissue. Each of the Vogel crystals are cut and tuned to the vibration of water (see our article, How Do I Know It’s A Real Vogel?). The number of sides the crystal has determines the charge capacity. The four-sided healing crystal is for treatment of the body. The six-sided crystal is for emotional problems. The eight-sided is for treating deep shock and severe trauma. The thirteen-sided reaches into past lives and releases blocks and resolves trauma. Since Marcel’s death in 1991, several new cuts of crystals have been developed by two of the top lapidary experts in the world. Carrying on the Vogel tradition, the crystals are tuned to specific healing abilities. One of the cutters, trained by Marcel himself, developed special meditation tools to aid crystal healers and those who wish to work on themselves. The two major new cuts he has done are the Vision Quest cut and the Foreseer. Both cuts enhance the individual’s ability to go within and develop inner resources, increase psychic ability, and are grounding. The Vision Quest has teaching qualities and The Foreseer aides in seeing past and future issues. This lapidary artist continues to produce the highest quality 4, 6, 8, 13, and multi-sided Vogel cuts. Another lapidary expert, from Brazil, has developed several new cuts. He is responsible for the new concave facets that facilitate the individual in tuning into the crystal, pulling them within in such a way that they are further aligned to inner connections with unlimited healing and love. This cutter developed the twenty-one sided, twenty-four/eight, the twenty-four/twelve, and the Dream Crystal. The twenty-one sided Vogel crystal, in addition to overall healing qualities, also deal with intense family issues, racial conflict or trauma, problems originating from the environment, and difficulties arising from magnetic disruptions, sun spots, meteors, and the ozone. The twenty-one sided also heals past life issues that

How do I know I am Buying a Real Vogel crystal?

How do I know I am Buying a Real Vogel crystal? By Bill Hurley Vogel refers…to an AUTHENTIC, genuine, real, true Vogel Crystal Healing Wand… Used in the Vogel Healing Techniques. Imi-con…refers to an imitation, counterfeit, poorly cut, “trying to be a Vogel”, usually double terminated crystal. Am I qualified to answer?… I believe so… You see… I am one of about four people IN the crystal business that actually knew Marcel and only one of possibly two { again IN the crystal business } that studied his healing techniques ( if there are others out there, please say hello ). Spending many days with him under the trees at Joy Lake in the early 80’s, later a short time at Psychic Research Inc. and occasionally consulting with him until his passing in 1991. All others, it seems, learned what little they know about Marcel and his healing techniques from the web or by reading a booklet written by a “student of a student.” I see many of the “imi-cons” on the web. In the 80’s, when I started in this business, they were actually, just called double terminated crystals and of course still should be. That’s all they are. One can tell from their shape and aura, energy is barely flowing through them. A healer has an obligation to use only the best crystal tools available. An “imi-con” certainly is not in this category. I have hesitated in posting this page for several years. In this business, many are hesitant to speak up and say “Hey, that is not right” or take a stand against the baloney floating around, because they hear “Oh.. you are not spiritual” or “Why are you so negative?”. Well, not needing anyone’s validation, I am past being concerned. Too many sincere, wonderful and searching people are being misled. I’m saddened every time someone comes in my store, all starry eyed, happy, walking on cloud nine, thinking they have purchased a Vogel and then, after seeing and experiencing a real one, realize they only have an imitation. Many people, hearing how wonderful a Vogel is, really want, and perhaps need one, knowing it can change their lives. And then by a dealers design or ignorance, gets only a counterfeit. Now that is sad!!!! “Vogel crystal” is NOT a descriptive term used to describe the general shape of a cut stone. Nor is it a term used to describe a particular cut. The term “Vogel Crystal” is named after Marcel Vogel. He pioneered the precisely cut/shaped quartz healing wand. It is designed and used to release trauma from the present and past, using techniques developed by him in the late 70’s and early 80’s. It is not only the cut or shape of the stone that makes it authentic. It is the healing techniques, philosophy and value of love Marcel taught. These cannot be learned from the web or a small booklet. The teachings and knowledge go much deeper, becoming a way of life. Using a genuine Vogel, will reveal an understanding of many things to the user that can not be taught or even explained. It’s a simple fact: 95% of the crystals sold as “Vogel cut” or “Vogel Crystals” are only polished single/double terminated crystals and not a Vogel in any way. Anyone using the term Vogel to describe the shape, cut etc. of a stone is obviously not informed. How does this happen?… Two reasons… 1. Most dealers honestly do not know or understand what a real Vogel Healing Wand is. Most have never seen one. Although, I do have a large number of dealers and store owners “checking out” my store and web site, looking for ideas and sources. ** See bottom.** They think any polished, double terminated stone is a Vogel. Sorry, “polished and/or double terminated” does not a Vogel make. These same people also think “Vogel” is a term used to describe a particular cut or shape of a stone. This, of course, is totally wrong and ignorant. 2. Other dealers realize referring to a crystal as a “Vogel crystal” gives the crystal a much higher perceived value, making it easier to sell at a better price. They are just taking advantage of the Vogel name. This is truly sad. Marcel Vogel advanced crystal knowledge way beyond his years. We will be studying his ideas for decades to come.. Even now, almost two decades after his passing, people are still discovering “new ideas” Marcel proposed years ago. So, this disrespect of Marcel Vogel’s knowledge and gifts, and misrepresentation of all of his embodied lineage, tells one much about the dealer. Dealers, if you continue to sell “imi-cons” calling them Vogel’s, after reading this, do you not fall into the 2nd category? So, how are some of the ways you can spot a real Vogel? Remembering nothing is sure in this world, here are some indicators: 1). LAPIDARY….All “imi-cons” are cut overseas. Why? Cheap, unskilled labor. The working conditions can be horrendous. These conditions definitely have a negative effect on the crystal. Think about it… cutting and shaping quartz is very labor intensive. The only way polished crystal can be sold for a low price is if the polisher has little talent and receives little pay. This is after working a long day, hopefully wearing a mask {quartz dust can be deadly… like volcanic dust in the lungs} under terrible working conditions. Demand for beautiful and accurate polished crystal is very strong. Talented/skilled cutters can not bother with low priced work. Watch the dealers eyes as you ASK where the stone was cut. 2). PRICE…..A Vogel is “working art”. The cutter/artist has spent decades perfecting his craft. And like the best artist, there is a huge demand for their work. Tremendous talent and understanding of a stone is necessary to correctly cut a balanced Vogel. Expect to pay a fair price for this working art. However, a 1986 price list from Psychic Research Inc. (Vogel’s organization) shows the prices I

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