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Yasuko and Akira

Dear Natalie, Thank you so much for your assistance when we were at the store. After the healing, we went to Mt. Shasta to meditate. When we finished meditation, the watch shows 333. It was confirmation, we thought. Right before we left the US, we experienced great processing. Now we feel more calm and confident. […]

Munay S.

Dear Bill,Well, I was standing there holding this exquisite stone and I felt much like a 2 year old holding a Stradivarius! What does it do? How do I play it? When will it play me? Eager hands that can’t wait to hears its tone!!!!Thanks much again, Munay S. Return to Home Page Testimonials

Claudia A.

Hey Bill! I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation for the work that you do, the magic that you effect. Needless to say, I love my crystal and it loves me. We’re still on the pathway to discovery and I look forward to all it has yet to reveal to me. Again, thanks for […]


Hi Folks!I just received the crystal today. Wow, what energy! I’m very excited to begin working with this new tool. To be honest, I really debated whether this crystal was worth all that money. But after touching it for 15 minutes, all doubt has left me. I think that the money spent is probably a […]

Mark F

Bill, I received my crystal yesterday and what a sight to behold in person. Such beauty! You do fine work. Thanks so much for the service to humanity that you provide. Thanks so much and I’ll be in touch as I get in touch with my vogel! Mark F. Return to Home Page Testimonials

Deborah L

Hi Bill and Natalie, The following day after I bought the Foreseer, I took it and went up to the mountain to meditate and journal. I did notice that after I left the shop with it, the atmosphere seemed intensified with fear based stuff, and to shorten a long complicated story, I had been psychically […]


Good Evening My New Friends at Crystal Wings, It’s really hard to believe it’s been just over a month since receiving my Vogel Crystal.  “Already my life is taking a more positive direction. It seemed like a perpetual uphill battle before, but now it flows effortlessly.” Everyday (and I mean even the most stressful weeks […]

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