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Why Should I Order From You?

The important factor in bringing a crystal into your life is connecting with it, no matter where it comes from. We believe that these crystal beings call out to us in their own way. With that said, here are some other things to consider when looking to order:

  • Crystal Wings is owned and operated by a student of Marcel Vogel, certified by him in the Vogel Healing Technique.
  • Crystal Wings has been in the crystal business for over 30 years. We know the ins and outs, and we do not need sales techniques to be successful, just great crystals.
  • Exclusive distributor of the Ruby Lavender Quartz™
  • Largest inventory of the highest caliber crystal wands in the world.
  • Convenient online shopping.
  • Staff here to take your orders and correspond with you about your questions.

I Have Read Online That Only Certain People Sell the "Genuine" Vogels.
Is This True, And Are You One of Them?

Before Marcel Vogel’s passing, he communicated to Bill Hurley (see his bio here) that he wanted all his students to continue his teachings, and maintain the integrity of the Vogel lineage. This is one reason why he chose to begin certifying individuals (Bill Hurley being one of them) in the healing technique. All that he had discovered at IBM and put into place at the Psychic Research Institute needed to be continued.

The dilemma is this: those people who are teaching and providing the Vogel Crystals and the Vogel Healing Techniques are guarded and jaded. Soon after Marcel’s death, imitation “Vogel crystals” began popping up out of Brazil at gem shows, and ending up in your local crystal shop. Dealers realized they could sell double terminated, faceted crystals with the Vogel name and get more money for it. The Vogel name began to become diluted, slapped on fake crystals, and in the hands of dealers who sold them with blatant disregard for the genuine pieces. So, the Authentic Vogel Crystal was born.

The other side of the dilemma is what began to happen amongst the Vogel followers and students. Much like you may see channelers claiming they have ‘exclusive rights’ to an entities information (why someone in the spirit world would give exclusive rights is a mystery to me), some in the Vogel Lineage have tried to create exclusive distributorship of these tools. This is a bit like walking a razor’s edge. We want to remain protective and in integrity in the Vogel lineage, but without creating a monopoly of ego. So, you may now see the dilemma.

One of the dealers of Authentic Vogel Crystals claims that he is the only one Marcel ‘appointed’ to continue his teachings. Marcel had an open heart, and a generous person. He communicated to many students that they should all continue his work and distribution of these amazing tools. Continuing his work through his students provides the momentum needed for creating a new generation of crystal seekers. We provide these tools, as well as being the innovators in the new evolution in crystal healing wands. You are no doubt getting the real deal.

For more information about how to distinguish a Authentic Vogel, from an Imitation, read Bill’s article, “How Can I Tell It’s A Real Vogel Crystal?”

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