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Questions About Crystals and Vogel Crystals

Can I Hurt Someone, Or Be Hurt, By These Powerful Tools?

Absolutely not. You will no doubt hear plenty of controversy on this subject, because it stems back to the essence of human nature to polarize our existence into good and evil. But quartz will NOT ‘cut’ your aura or energy field. You will not be attacked by someone who has less than good intentions who is using it. You will not be able to hurt a client with a crystal (at least energetically!). There a couple reasons for this.

First of all, many people who have memories of Atlantis and Lemuria recollect that with the end of those civilizations, these crystals were to be programmed only for the use of positive energy, healing, love and light. If someone with negative intentions should attempt to use one, they would be deactivated, so to speak. Whether you resonate with that notion or not, it is nonetheless interesting to mention.

Secondly, evil, negativity, darkness, or bad intentions are merely the absence of the unlimited flow of wellbeing. Quartz crystals are totally balanced, and when cut in these sacred angles into Vogel Crystals or Master Healing Tools, immediately obliterate that which is not positive. Quartz is light. Darkness cannot exist within it. It would be like trying to use water to feed a fire. You cannot use Quartz to feed darkness.

Can the Cutter of these Crystals Program a Crystal?

No, this is an old sales scheme from back in the 1980’s. It takes tremendous talent, skill, artistry, and patience to make these crystals that are in this sacred lineage, whether it is a Vogel Crystal or Master Healing Crystal. But one of the prerequisites to do this work when being trained by Marcel Vogel was not to ‘program’ or ‘imprint’ a crystal. Such thinking has many flaws. One step into the workshop of one of these amazing artists proves my point. They sit for hours at their blade perfecting a piece. During that time they may think of their wife, their dog, the waitress at the corner diner, and the meaning of life. But none of those thoughts enter your crystal, because your crystal is solid light. It will not contain or hold memories like that. You can, by all means, set an intention with the crystal, but the source of that program is from you, and the amplifier is the crystal. Not the other way around.

Why Are These So Expensive?

The crystals and jewelry on our site are no doubt top of the line. The owner has been in the crystal business for over 30 years and brings the best material, artistry, and techniques together for an outstanding inventory that is unrivaled.

The material that we use can be both rare and exotic. The Ruby Lavender Quartz™ is our trademarked stone, and we have the total world supply. When it runs out, it is gone. The quartz that we use for the other pieces has been hand picked by Bill himself (who else could say that!) during his annual travels to South America. He sifts through thousands of pounds of quartz to find the pieces that end up in your hands.

The cuts are where the real magic begins, though. Because Bill studied with and was certified under Marcel Vogel he knows how important it is to continue Marcel’s lineage, and to bring about new tools that will encourage us to dive into the crystal realms. There are only a chosen few who can cut, shape, and create these tools within the parameters of sacred geometry, and proven science. We utilize this talent, which may not last forever, and that is priceless.

Also consider this, these crystal tools will outlast you. They may be carried on to your children, grand children, and great grandchildren. They may lay aside after we are all gone, with the remembrance of your grasp. The power and significance that they hold in bringing us back to our true peaceful center of love and light is worth so much more than a dollar amount.

I Chipped My Wand. What Do I do?

Ah…, it does happen from time to time. Sometimes the crystal seemingly ‘jumps’ out of the hand during a healing. Other times you leave the room, and when you return your beautiful wand is on the floor. A quick note from Bill concerning this issue:

“Foremost, understand that it is NOT a terrible sign of impending doom or spiritual consequences. Leave that kind of thinking to the weak minded. “Tipping” just happens. Perhaps it is only a slight vibrational adjustment to bring you and the crystal in alignment. Whatever….DO NOT be overly concerned.  I, after almost 30 years in the business, have not met a strong, active, successful healer or user of these magnificent wands that has not tipped one.”
-Bill Hurley

However the tipping happens, there are several things to consider:

A Slight Tip: If there is just a slight tip on the end of your crystal, you may find that the energy coming out seems a bit more comfortable and more attuned to you than before. This is what we call the “initiation,” and it happens quite often (especially with high energy crystals). This happens when the vibration of the crystal needs to be altered just slightly to come into specific resonance with you. Let go of the idea of perfection, and feel it out again. A slight chip will not alter the energy integrity or successful use of the crystal.

A Large Chip: If your crystal has been chipped dramatically (perhaps where the top of the crystal is half broken off) you may find that it has a different purpose. We have heard of clients using this ‘wounded’ crystal as a healer of other crystals, placing it on a altar to generate energy for the hurt. Because, as we know, quartz is possibly the most balanced substance on Earth, whether it has been altered or not. And when we release our notions of the ‘way it should be’ we discover a more powerful and immensely innovative purpose for it in our lives. They are NEVER useless.

“If crystals judged us in the same manner that we judge them, we would be in a whole lot of trouble.” – Bill Hurley

To reshape your crystal so that the chip would no longer be visible requires a large amount of time and a good amount of money. Depending on the size of the chip the artists may have to completely re-cut the crystal, which would be the equivalent price of a new one in many instances. During our busy season we may not be able to get to a crystal for up to 6 months.

Some websites claim that tipping a crystal is an indicator that you did something bad, or out of alignment. A myth circulates even that it might mean the crystal was too powerful for you. This does nothing but reveal the sources inexperience and lack of knowledge when it comes to the beautifully divine nature of the crystal, and what it has to teach us on our journey. All of this is just baloney.

How Should I Care For and Preserve My Crystal?

To ensure that you and your crystal friend have a long, perhaps lifetime, journey together, here are some measures to take to keep it preserved:

For Wands:
Have a bag or pouch that you use when storing and carrying your piece. When inserting and removing a wand from the bag, be aware of the angle and pressure, as too much of either can chip the tip of the wand.
When cleansing your crystal, burn sage, or another favorite smoke of your choosing. If you are guided to use water, make sure it is at the same temperature of your crystal. Extreme temperature changes can crack, cloud, or sensitize the crystal for a rupture later on.
When working on a client, and doing intense work, make sure that your hands are free from lotion or oil, as it can cause the crystal to slip out of your hand.
Keep the crystal stored in areas with neutral temperature.
When placing on your altar, use a pillow or some other soft object.
Do not use with other wands, in the same hand. Even slight clinks can cause damage.
Only allow others to touch and use the crystal whom you really trust!

For Jewelry:
If you have a pendant, make sure that you carry around a piece of tissue and a small pouch to protect it during each wear.
Do not wear with other pendants. Quartz can crack or chip when impacted with other like stones.
When cleansing your crystal, burn sage, or another favorite smoke of your choosing. If you are guided to use water, make sure it is at the same temperature of your crystal. Extreme temperature changes can crack, cloud, or sensitize the crystal for a rupture later on.
Keep the crystal stored in areas with neutral temperature.

What are the Metaphysical Descriptions for each type of Vogel Crystal, Master Healing Tool, and Ruby Lavender Quartz™? (8 Sided,12 Sided, Angel 2, Unconditional Love, etc.)?

We decided years ago to relinquish that information. We find that the majority of people get distracted by someone else’s vision, feeling, or view of a crystal being. You may feel energy that is the complete opposite from what someone else does when you hold a crystal. These Vogel Crystals and Master Healing Tools (Clear Quartz & Ruby Lavender Quartz™) have unlimited purposes and talents, because you do!

We find that when we have blanket statements that apply, for instance, to a number of sides, it takes the power away from the client, and from the unlimited potential of the crystal. You are a tremendously powerful being who, no matter if this is your first time purchasing or your 100th, feels and can intuit what is best for you. That is the first initiation with the crystal itself – the choice!

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