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How To Choose A Gift From Crystal Wings

Tips from The Owner, Bill Hurley
Crystal Wings Webstore is considered by many to be the most powerful gallery of crystal tools for the light worker, healer or spiritual explorer. That is why the holiday season is one of our most busiest. Gifting someone one of the tools from our emporium will be a present that they will never forget. It could very well alter their destiny and path in meditation, a healing practice or by just merely raising their vibration.

Lemurian Seed CrystalsHere are simple yet invaluable tips for choosing a Crystal Wings piece as a gift:

Prepare: Before coming to the Crystal Wings website make sure that you have a good 15 minutes of solitude to peruse our products. Light some incense, turn on some calming music in the background and recognize that the gifting process is a sacred and beautiful one that starts right now.

Hone In: Take a moment to close your eyes and think of the person. Bring what they look like and feel like to the forefront of your vision. Allow the way they make you feel and the feelings that you have for them permeate your body. It may even be handy, although not necessary, to have a picture of them, article of clothing or some other object with their blueprint to bring forth their energy.

Use: The best way to begin looking is by ascertaining whether a pendant or a working piece (wand) would serve them. A pendant is easy to wear and carry around for positive vibration. A wand is a powerful working piece with high vibration. You may not get a clear signal on either in which case move on to step four.

Follow Your Gut: Let the your hands guide you through the website as you look at each picture. Looking at each picture is tuning into the unique energy and purpose of the wand. Do not get caught up in the name or label of each one. Follow your instinct in how each one feels when you think of the person who is to receive it. If you are clearly thinking of the person and following your heart the right ones will pop up.

Narrow Them Down: After choosing the wands and/or pendants that resonated with your person’s unique energy begin eliminating those that do not have a higher charge. Some may not feel as ‘pretty’ to you or as ‘exciting’ when you tune in. They are calling out because they all could work with this person’s vibration but it is your job to simply find the one that is closest to the person‘s needs. For instance, if the person in mind is focused on personal meditation and has a desire to begin healing others hold that energy in your consciousness as you look. You will always notice one that pops out for each specific purpose.

Choose: Do not be afraid. Let go and allow your heart to choose. This gift will be an amazing energetic asset for your friend for a lifetime.
When you decide on the piece that feels right to be gifted give us a call. We will include a ‘gift’ letter written by the owner of Crystal Wings describing the immense significance and power of the tools that we carry and how to learn more.

Remember an ancient but often forgotten universal truth. When you give you allow the flow of abundant unlimited energy surge through you.

The act of choosing and then letting go as you bestow this gift on a loved one is increasing your attraction factor ten fold.You are receiving much by engaging in this process.

Happy shopping!

Bill Hurley, certified in 1985 by Marcel Vogel, occasionally gives seminars and does private sessions. He may be reached via phone at +1(530) 918-7972 or email at

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