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The Lost Stone of Atlantis

By Bill Hurley

Working with Crystal Wings, as a student of Marcel Vogel, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to the miraculous and awe-inspiring experiences of our clients and customers. But none have been like the feedback and testimonials from the healers that have used Ruby Lavender Quartz™.

There has been an enormous underground movement in the healing arts concerning this newly discovered stone. A stone that not only has been used in miraculous work, but has been calling out to all those who have been searching for it for lifetimes.

Said to have been the “Lost Stone of Atlantis” and the channeling stone of Saint Germain, Ruby Lavender Quartz™ seems to have taken on a life and purpose of its own.

Through the ongoing feedback from our customers and clients we have received information of the same nature concerning this stone. Across the board, the same qualities and entities pop up for every single individual in its use;  unconditional love,  pure heart chakra energy, St.Germain,  sacred feminine,  and nurturing mother energy.

Ruby Lavender QuartzIt seems that this ‘missing stone’ fills the gap and void of deep emotional trauma that we and our clients have been witnessing within, with a renewed purity of light and love. The energy of the stone itself transmutes and replaces the residual negativity and stagnancy that we hold in our heart center with a presence that many of us have not been familiar with for centuries upon centuries.

Ruby Lavender Quartz dissolves ones blockages and in turn enables one to finally ‘let go’ and have the ability to manifest the true potentials of ones Kharmic calling. Without the walls, we become vessels for receiving and giving divine information and divine love. Ruby Lavender Quartz™ has truly become the embodiment of the unconditional mother, the unwavering nurturer, and the undaunted energy of love. It is the comfort of home.

These tools are of extreme consequence to both our own individual selves and that of our clients.

On three independent occasions Saint Germain came in visions or dreams to separate individuals, presenting Ruby Lavender Quartz as the next needed step in their healing/channeling work. Conveniently timed before visits to Mount Shasta, these individuals were coincidentally drawn into Crystal Wings without knowing what was within our walls! They were mesmerized and drawn to tears to witness the very stone that they had seen in their visions. Within moments of holding the wands they knew they had worked with it before, in where else but, Atlantis. A woman who held this stone in the store, and was rushed with an intense heat and vibration through her whole body, was heated through a freezing winter night without the need for covers after purchasing the stone. A woman who had just had surgery before acquiring her Ruby Lavender Quartz™ Master Healing Tool, healed and recovered so abruptly and with ease that the physical trauma from such an invasive surgery was no longer felt in her physical OR etheric body.

Many have attested to the spontaneous visions and information they have received from bringing the presence of the stone into their lives, including a closer and more intimate access to Ascended Masters and past life recollection. Although we knew its power before, these testimonials, along with many others, have confirmed for us the deep underlying need that so many have for this ‘Lost Stone of Atlantis’.  It is important to remember the need for love and wellness in our lives, and to not forget the relativity of time, and how this stone is just as familiar and powerful as it was for us in Atlantis.

Give yourself the gift of an open door to the past and an evolving rush forward into the future of healing and balancing, with your own Ruby Lavender Quartz™ Master Healing Tool.

To all who have been searching for this stone, whether it has come to you in dreams, in past life recollections of Atlantis, or if you have been worked on with this stone and wish to hold a key to your future wellness and balance, please email us at

Bill Hurley, certified in 1985 by Marcel Vogel, occasionally gives seminars and does private sessions. He may be reached via phone at +1(530) 918-7972 or email at

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