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Exchanges, Refunds, and Wholesale Policy Questions What is Your Return Policy? No Refunds or Exchanges on any Crystal Wings Items. Why Do You Not Offer Returns, Exchanges or Refunds? This policy has been in effect for over 30 years in our store. All sales are final to ensure that crystals that you are purchasing have not been shuttled around, but are as close from the mine and the artists hands as possible. It keeps our level of inventory in clarity. Do You Offer Lay-A-Way Plans? Unfortunately we do not. With the large amount of inventory we have, and running the website and store front, we do not have the time to keep track of payments and on-hold crystals.  Do You Offer Your Vogel Crystal Master Healing Crystals or Ruby Lavender Quartz™ Wholesale for Retailers? As far as we are concerned the items on our site are already at wholesale prices! We try our best to keep the prices low in comparison to the expense of traveling, hand-choosing the material, designing and having it shaped. Providing a wholesale program would require us to have room for a 2 tiered system, and we would rather deal at the lowest price possible for all. Return to Frequently Asked Questions

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