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Ordering, Shipping, Refunds Can I Order Effectively Over the Phone? We have been providing these amazing tools online to the world for over 15 years. We have sold Vogel Crystals, Master Healing Wands, and Ruby Lavender Quartz™ to thousands of people, from here in the states, to Australia, Japan, Iran, Norway, and beyond. Although it is wonderful and awe inspiring to stand in front of our amazing inventory, we believe that the pull of these tools (and their subsequent intense power) is strong and refined enough to be felt anywhere on planet Earth. Using your intuition and inner guidance you can absolutely choose a crystal. Use the exercises described in Choosing a Crystal for feeling the crystals on the website, or set up a distant resonance test.  If your purchase is a gift for someone else read How to Choose a Gift. What Will You Need to Place an Order? Please have the following information ready when placing your order: The item(s) descriptionYour full nameShipping AND Billing AddressPhone NumberEmail Address (if applicable)Credit Card Type, Number, Expiration Date, and Security Code (the last 3 digits in the upper right hand corner of the signature line) How To Order There are 2 ways to order a crystal from Crystal Wings.1.  Email Us:  crystalwings8@proton.me2.  Call Us on our Order Line at (530) 918-7972. Why Flat Rate Shipping Prices? At this time shipping an item flat rate in the US is $35, or internationally is $72. Each item does vary in weight and size, but we use the same heavy-duty packing material to protect our items on their journey.  This flat rate pricing includes packaging the items extremely well, cleansing and sageing each crystal that leaves our store, and fully insuring your package. How Do You Package Items Before Shipping? With every item we take tremendous care in safely packing it for its journey to you. We use heavy-duty boxes and make sure to insulate your piece of jewelry or your crystal with plenty of packing peanuts. Who Do You Use as Your Primary Shipper? We use the United States Postal Service, and always elect for Priority mail with Delivery Confirmation and Full Insurance. We can use another shipping provider if you so choose. Call us for specific pricing. Do You Ship Internationally? Yes, absolutely. There may be some limitations based upon the country that will alter our ability to fully insure the package. We can only ship out of the US using the United States Post Office. Can You Claim the Package as a Gift on the International Customs Forms? Unfortunately because of what is required by international customs we cannot claim your item as a gift, or at a lower amount, without risking the value of it if it was lost or damaged. What If an Item is Lost or Damaged? Before each package leaves we inspect each piece to make sure it is intact and meets its online criteria. If an item happens to arrive damaged, call us immediately within 24 hours of receiving the item, and we will give you the information to begin a claims process with the shipper. Because we insure each package, you will be reimbursed for the worth of the item should they rule in your favor. We claim no responsibility for the item once it leaves our hands. If your package is lost, or does not arrive on time, refer to your shipping confirmation email that we sent to you with the tracking number, or call us to get that information. Our Shipping, Handling, and Refund Policy Shipping Shipping and Handling charges are added to your order. The destination of the package and the weight and dimensions will determine the cost of shipping. Refund Policy No refunds or exchanges on any Crystal Wings Items.  All sales are final.  Please refer to our Policy page for additional information. Return to Frequently Asked Questions

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