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Deborah L

Hi Bill and Natalie, The following day after I bought the Foreseer, I took it and went up to the mountain to meditate and journal. I did notice that after I left the shop with it, the atmosphere seemed intensified with fear based stuff, and to shorten a long complicated story, I had been psychically attacked for a very long time by very negative energies/people, which was one of the main reasons I came to Mt. Shasta, to seek guidance and healing, especially with the Great White Brotherhood. I kept the Foreseer next to me while journaling the fears and events to process and heal. Gradually the intense fear based energies and the peoples’ faces projecting them began fading into the background. Then, very clearly, in the writing, the energy shifted easily and it was “Greetings, I AM Thoth, the Atlantean.” Basically he gave me wise advice and insight about all my concerns and said he and the Great White Brotherhood were helping me because I was one of them and was sincerely asking for help. He said I had been shut down for a long time, but now I was opening up. He said the Foreseer would enhance the abilities-unused until now, and in potential that I already have, and to not forget that point. He said, “Let the crystal teach you, it is to help you get started.” There were 4 pages of kind direct wisdom, and it ended by them all saying I was under their protection because of my sincerity and by grace. You can imagine how deeply healing! Well, just wanted to touch bases, I enjoyed speaking with both of you very much! Deborah L. Return to Home Page Testimonials

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