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What is Ruby Lavender Quartz™?

By Bill Hurley

Ruby Lavender Quartz™ is a stone that resonates with the Ascended Master Saint Germain. So much so in fact, we designed a special crystal healing/balancing wand to honor this. (see Flame of St. Germain™)

Also used as a passport to angelic realms allowing one to communicate with their guardian angels and entities of higher angelic conscious levels. “Carrying a very commanding feminine force, the female aspect of God at her most powerful, it activates and heals the heart chakra with strength and unconditional love.”

If one is ready, the stone can initiate a powerful release of even the most deeply embedded blockages. The depth and richness of the pink ray in this material is astonishing. Vibrating powerfully in the high heart chakra, it opens channels to divine love, acceptance and a love for all of humanity.

Ruby Lavender is ideal for those who wish to heal old emotional wounds, or to transmute one’s own negativity.  It is a stone of forgiveness and compassion, strongly emanating these qualities, so one using or wearing it becomes a beacon of loving energy in the world.

Ruby Lavender™ has arrived as a stone resonating with the higher heart, I.E. the more “expanded heart chakra of the fully activated light body”.  Just as the stone itself has been refined and purified to a degree seldom seen in the physical world, so those on the path of Light must purify and refine themselves in order to vibrate at the new frequencies of the transformed human.

One can feel the melding of the spiritual and physical world when touching. For those on the path of ascension or mystical awakening (however one wishes to name the great transformation we are all going through) Ruby Lavender™ can be an integral tool, guiding one to find resonance with the highest vibrations of the heart, the true center from which all loving action emanates.

While doing research on Atlantis in the 1980’s I read about quartz of this color in a series of books by Dr. Frank Alper entitled “Exploring Atlantis” {see quotes below }.

Thus began my quest for the “red and pink stone created and used in Atlantis” so very long ago. ( Was there actually an Atlantis?…. I do not know.) Twenty years later I discovered a very limited supply and after long discussions, many almost clandestine like meetings, quiet ( and sincere promises), and much luck, was able to obtain the total amount.

Because of it’s stunning color I named it Ruby/Lavender.

I am told the stone was created in the 1980’s by the US government for an experiment in “cold fusion”. Whatever that is. The experiment, apparently unsuccessful, was discontinued and under the threat of being destroyed the crystal was stored for many years. There are even hints (claims) that the technology involved is from the UFO that supposedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, USA in 1947. For more on the distribution of the 1947 technologies see the book “The day after Roswell”, by Col. Philip J Corso (Ret. ).

I DO NOT make that claim.

Honestly, I am not very concerned about the origin of Ruby Lavender™.  As most things of mystery, “origin” concerns are lost once the stone is touched and the spiritual connection to other dimensions is realized.

Ruby Lavender™ is composed of 100% quartz with only a few molecules per billion of a rare earth element I cannot pronounce or spell.  However Ruby Lavender™ is NOT a lab grown quartz. The crystal being only “shape shifted”.  For those concerned about it not being completely “natural” consider this… Shamans, Magicians, Alchemists and Healers, of times beyond memory, created magical tools from the world around them. These Elders used bone, horn, skin, feathers, wood, stones and whatever “came to hand”..  Of course, these natural elements contained medicine of Mother Earth, but the healer/wiseman/magician endowed them with personal and or spiritual “medicine” bringing them “alive” to assist in visiting unseen worlds for healing and balancing “all their relations” and/or fellow humans…. So, we, by combining technology with old knowledge (still using stones or “what comes to hand”) create magical tools for the present day.

As I mentioned above this stone was initially remembered for its use in Atlantis by Dr. Frank Alper in his series of books Exploring Atlantis Vol. I thru III.

Here are few quotes from the books about the “red and pink” crystal used there so long ago:

Ruby Lavender Quartz in Hawaii with volcanic lava“The source of power for Atlantis was generated and utilized through the use of crystals. Not crystals such as we know now, but manufactured- or grown- natural crystals, produced through artificially forced growth and creation, but as pure as the natural product.. The majority of the crystals were not huge. The smaller ones were in every color imaginable. Each color gave the crystal specific properties and vibrations of energy to be utilized for various purposes.

These crystals were a pastel shade of pink in color. The pink was chosen for these particular crystals to soften, but not weaken the great intensity of energy that they produced. Its effect was like striking someone with a sledgehammer while patting them on the head.

The ruby with purple hues has healing qualities relating to spirituality and emotional stability, and it can often be used to stabilize an individual’s vibrations. This would be able to help one reach a point of development to be able to eliminate highs and lows in reactions to situations.

The red ruby crystal is generally utilized in the healing of diseases that have the characteristics of spreading mass infections, such as cancers and blood diseases, where great power is needed in a short period of time. Part of the purpose of the red crystal is to maintain the balance of vibrations and to assist within the grounding, by maintaining the polarity of the fields of energy. This in itself assists within the growth. The raw power of the red ray is not specifically designed for spiritual growth alone.

The powers decided that the knowledge and level of vibrations would be kept from mankind until it was capable of handling them in a prudent and proper manner. There have been many attempts by Initiates and Masters to tap in and draw upon the knowledge that we are sharing with you, but all has been blocked. Now the time is proper and it is being shared.

Once again, crystals are the magnetic vehicles of the universe. They are the working, conducting energies of containment and evolution. Through their application they are a tool for conscious development, by affording the mind opportunities to explore other areas of existence and amplification of frequencies.”
Dr. Frank Alper, Exploring Atlantis Vol. I thru III

…. Bill

Bill Hurley, certified in 1985 by Marcel Vogel, occasionally gives seminars and does private sessions. He may be reached via phone at +1(530) 918-7972 or email at

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