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Distance Resonance Test

Tips from The Owner, Bill Hurley

Crystal Consultations: The Distance Resonance Test (DRT)

When I first started Crystal Wings I had a vision. I wanted to create a sanctuary of Master Healing Tools that were to rest and rejuvenate here, so that those who were drawn to work with them could find them.

Crystal Wings now carries the largest inventory in the world of Vogel Master Healing Tools. We believe that each one of the pieces that is with us is destined to be with one of you.

I have traveled the world and have acquired quartz tools of all different kinds that are meant to be with you. What makes Crystal Wings unique is that it is an arsenal of the finest and most refined tools on the planet, available here.

To aid in your sacred choosing process we offer Distance Resonance Tests. A DRT is simply the act of tuning into the crystals over the phone, with the help of a conduit. Here are the requirements:

  • You have a clear intention of what energy you need or what purpose the tool will hold in your life.
  • You have looked over the site and have narrowed down your choices.
  • You are ready to purchase. This allows us to offer this service for free and also heightens the effectiveness of the test. If you are not ready to buy you can still call but the DRT will not be effective if you are uncertain of your investment.

How to proceed:

  • Make sure that you are in a time and place where you will not be interrupted for 5-10 minutes.
  • Meditate briefly and come into a place of clarity and peace.
  • Give us a call  at (530) 918-7972.**

Read more about how to choose a crystal.

** If we are busy with other clients we will take your name and number and call back when we can devote time to your DRT

Bill Hurley, certified in 1985 by Marcel Vogel, occasionally gives seminars and does private sessions. He may be reached via phone at +1(530) 918-7972 or email at

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