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Choosing Your Crystal

How to Choose Your Crystal?

From our Website: Take a moment when you will not be interrupted. Create a sacred space: Turn off the phone, close the door, and light some incense or a candle. Before you open our web site,set your intention, aloud or to yourself, of what crystal being you are searching for.

Perhaps you need an energy of protection, ascension, or overall healing for yourself or clients. Speak this, hold the energy of that intention and begin letting your intuition guide you to the different pages on the site. When you feel a “hit” on a picture (whether it is because it is visually appealing to you, you feel a physical sensation in your body when you see it, or a vision pops up) take a moment to “communicate” with the crystal and hone in on its unique energy.

Continue following your instinct while perusing the site until you feel that you have connected with those beings that resonate (you will feel an energy of completion).

By Phone: Do the same exercise as above before calling. You can call us during our business hours to set up a distance resonance test (we recommend setting up an appointment to do this, as we do get busy and may not be able to assist you when you call).

A distant resonance test is a exercise that is done to further hone in on which crystal feels right to you. We simply take the items that you are wanting to feel, hold them in a detailed manner so you can mimic the same action, and merge our energies together so you may energetically feel the crystal being.

We do not recommend a crystal for you, or choose one for you. We are simply the conduits for accessing the items in the store.

What if I Can't Choose Between Vogel Crystals?

This often happens for those being called to work in the crystal world very intensely. Many different crystal beings may resonate with you at one time, and you may feel confused at first.

First, know that each crystal that you resonate with is right for you. They only have different purposes. No matter which one you choose, you will be bringing a powerful and delightful friend, with awesome benefits, into your life.

Get very specific about the energy you want. Take turns looking at each picture of the crystal, and asking it this question, “What purpose do you have for me?” You may receive an image, a feeling, an emotion, or even words that represent your future work with that crystal.

Having a strong focused intention to begin with,  when setting the sacred space at home while looking at the website, is tremendously helpful. If your starting intention is to feel a deeper connection to love and peace, then one crystal will definitely give you a stronger hit on that intention than another.

After going through this sort of personal “interview” ( you are actually questioning yourself, rather than the crystal) you will be able to choose.

However if you are still feeling cloudy one of two things may be happening. You may have some chaotic energy that is hampering your clarity. Step outside, clear your energy ( simply relax, spirit is with you ), dig your feet into the earth, and feel your own divinity come over you. When you are in your own awareness, please know you are never alone and your spirit and the spirit of your future crystal friend are already together and with you. The decision then becomes effortless. You actually may be called to get both if you have the means. Sometimes crystals do work in tandem, or work as a team for the intended goal.

How to Choose a Gift?

A well chosen gift of a crystal could very well alter a persons destiny and path in meditation, a healing practice or by just merely raising their vibration. Begin by reading this article on How to Choose a Crystal Gift.

Can I Order Effectively Over the Phone?

We have been providing these amazing tools online to the world for over 15 years. We have sold Vogel Crystals, Master Healing Wands, and Ruby Lavender Quartz™ to thousands of people, from here in the states, to Australia, Japan, Iran, Norway, and beyond. Although it is wonderful and awe inspiring to stand in front of our amazing inventory, we believe that the pull of these tools (and their subsequent intense power) is strong and refined enough to be felt anywhere on planet Earth.

Using your intuition and inner guidance you can absolutely choose a crystal. Use the exercises above for feeling the crystals on the website, or set up a distant resonance test.

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