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Crystal and Vogel Crystal Care and Knowledge

Questions About Crystals and Vogel Crystals Can I Hurt Someone, Or Be Hurt, By These Powerful Tools? Absolutely not. You will no doubt hear plenty of controversy on this subject, because it stems back to the essence of human nature to polarize our existence into good and evil. But quartz will NOT ‘cut’ your aura […]

Crystal Wings Questions

Crystal Wings Questions Why Should I Order From You? The important factor in bringing a crystal into your life is connecting with it, no matter where it comes from. We believe that these crystal beings call out to us in their own way. With that said, here are some other things to consider when looking […]

Choosing a Vogel Crystal

Choosing Your Crystal How to Choose Your Crystal? From our Website: Take a moment when you will not be interrupted. Create a sacred space: Turn off the phone, close the door, and light some incense or a candle. Before you open our web site,set your intention, aloud or to yourself, of what crystal being you […]

Ordering and Shipping

Ordering, Shipping, Refunds Can I Order Effectively Over the Phone? We have been providing these amazing tools online to the world for over 15 years. We have sold Vogel Crystals, Master Healing Wands, and Ruby Lavender Quartz™ to thousands of people, from here in the states, to Australia, Japan, Iran, Norway, and beyond. Although it […]

Our Policies

Exchanges, Refunds, and Wholesale Policy Questions What is Your Return Policy? No Refunds or Exchanges on any Crystal Wings Items. Why Do You Not Offer Returns, Exchanges or Refunds? This policy has been in effect for over 30 years in our store. All sales are final to ensure that crystals that you are purchasing have […]

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